Curriculum & Profile

- As a child, studied classic ballet then hip-hop and contemporary dances
- Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo, Japan) in French literature
- has been influenced by French culture (movies, music, philosophy), including Jean-Luc Godard’s movies

Started as composer and lyricist for several Japanese artists then debut as singer under the name “ENVIE”.

Lived 18 months in Paris to improve and deepen her French level.

Obtained the 1st prize of the National Contest of the French Song (Chanson Française) at Kobe (Japan) in June.
Became member of the contemporary dance and physical expression company “Mari Natsuki Terroir”.

Interviews of several French artists (ZAZ, Brigitte, Julien Doré, etc.) for the Japanese magazine “Chanson Magazine”.

Dancer and model for the show “L’Impressionniste Néo Vol.3” which took place at the Louvre Auditorium (France).
Had more than 100 concerts in Hyogo Prefecture (Japan).
Radio FM KOBE has selected one of her songs (sang in French, English and Japanese) as “Monthly Song”.

Published a magazine “ENVIE JOURNAL” about Franco-Japanese cultural exchanges.
Had more than 200 concerts in the 47 Japanese prefectures during 10 weeks.
Producer, director and model in Japan for the perfume “Eau de Diamant” of the French cosmetics “Gemology”.
Participated at a charity event in Kyoto (Japan) for the “Natsuki Mari Festival in Kyoto 2018”.
Dancer for the 2 years of the fashion shop “BALLY” at Ginza (Tokyo, Japan).

Sang in a CM for the Japanese jeans “EDWIN” and their brand “SOMETHING”, broadcasted from March 4th in Japan.
Released a French songs cover album on March 30th.
ASTURIAS GUITARS released a signature guitar “ENVIE” (her previous singer’s name) which became directly sold-out.

Appeared in several CMs to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Japanese beer YEBISU. In charge of the song for several CMs.

January: get the title "Close of being a Living National Treasure" (which designed persons certified as curators of important intangible cultural property) during the most famous TV Show in Kansai, "Yo-idon".
March: sang in a CM for the Japanese beer Kirin.
August: in the category “J-POP Album” of Apple Music, the single "Before Monday" reached the Top 2 (Switzerland), Top 3 (Belgium), Top 5 (France).
September: "Before Monday" took the 1st place of the world ranking indies music "IndieTop Chart".

With the single "Before Monday", obtained a trophy in Paris to commemorate her 1st place during 7 consecutive months of the world ranking indies music "IndieTop Chart".